NoozeFeed is the easiest tool to add Local, Relevant, & Timely  News & Social Commentary to your Website.

NoozeFeed is an automated corporate & social news aggregator which reaches out to all the relevant pages & posts within a desired region to provide the user with sticky publications, bringing viewers back to your portal hour after hour. Turn your website into a engaging website by offering local, relevant & timely news & commentary.

"..publish the latest in news, social commentary and brand to give your site that extra edge."

Local Relevance
With NoozeFeed, you can set your region of interest...


Customised Editorial
With NoozeFeed, you can set your Topic of interest and curate results to fit your brand...


Custom Look, Feel and Sort
With LeakyFeed, you design your publications. You can customize sort, color and overall look of the display to suit your brand.


Fully Responsive Fully Controlled
The NoozeFeed is fully responsive...


Daily Updates
50 Feeds per Query per Day
1 keyword / phrase per search
1 places per search
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Hourly Updates
100 feeds returned
3 keyword / phrases per search
3 places per search
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